Tutorial: Ash Jeans - Reducing Flare

I am a big fan of flared pants coming back. I loved wearing them in the early 2000s, and even though I loved the skinny jeans trend, I am happy for the return of the flares.

I have also been digging the relaxed flare look where the pants are tight-ish around the thigh, relax around the knee and flare out slightly at the bottom. The flare on these styles is not as dramatic but is still very much a flare. I wanted to try modifying the Ash jeans pattern by Megan Nielsen to have this look.

Here are the modifications I made to the pattern pieces:

You will need front (5) and back (6) pattern pieces.

1. Find the knee. The knee is not marked on the pattern, but it is the narrowest point on the leg. Draw a line perpendicular to the grain line.

2. Place a piece of paper underneath the pattern piece. Add 3/8” (1cm) to each side at the knee. Remove 3/4” (1.9cm) from each side at the hem.

3. Draw a new side seam and inseam by connecting the new knee and hem points. You may want to slightly curve the lines above the knee.

4. Repeat the same steps for the back, and you are done!

I am thinking of playing around with room at the knee and flare a bit more, but I love how these pair look!

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