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IMG_9670In line with my No Buying Clothes for a Year commitment I knew there would be a point where I would need to start making my own undergarments. In fact, I have been following amazing bloggers and seamstresses who are making their own lingerie for a while. I've watched them come up with beautiful undergarments wondering if I could ever even bring myself to attempt it. In late 2015 I decided this was it and I needed to give it a try. I was committed to trying and I was sure I would fail! Still, my desire to work with beautiful lace and learn the skills was more overpowering that my absolute conviction that I would never wear a bra I made in public. Of course it would be under my clothes and no one would see it, but still... First thing I did was purchase a Watson Bra pattern. It is a super basic, beginner friendly, soft-cup bra pattern designed by Amy from Cloth Habit. I read the instructions through and through a couple times. I've read the Watson Sew Along a number of IMG_9674times. I've read reviews and looked at a number of finished Watsons. Still, I wasn't ready to commit and try giving it a go. This is when I decided that what I really needed is to actually see someone do it, explain things to me and show me things. I decided to give a Bra Making Craftsy Class by Beverly Johnson a go. I've promptly purchased it and watched it in a couple sittings. Sorry, random dudes at the gym who were on a bike next to mine! I am sure it was entertaining glancing over to my iPhone. But in all honestly, I've never enjoyed riding a bike this much and barely noticed the time pass as I did when I was watching that Bra Making class. I have to say I really enjoyed the class. Beverly has a very dry sense of humor which I love and she is really good at explaining things. The class took me step by step through the bra construction process and explained things that I would have had trouble figuring out on my own. I had an opportunity to have a close up look at Beverly actually sewing a bra, as if I was peaking over from behind her shoulder, which is exactly what I needed to gain the confidence to do it on my own. She explained the importance of fabrics, stretch direction, and layout of patterns. She also explained the materials that were needed and proper IMG_9672techniques. To someone who had no clue what even comes in a bra kit and how it is to be used, this was invaluable.

The class recommends using a simple two piece cup bra pattern, and provides suggestions for the pattern choices. I was a little worried using my Watson and ended up buying Bra Makers Pin Up Girl Classic Bra Pattern. Unfortunately it doesn't come in PDF format and I had to wait for it to come in the mail. It didn't take long though!

Having a pattern that was used in the class allowed me to practice on the same bra Beverly was sewing without thinking what adjustments I needed to make to practice the techniques on a different pattern. Was it necessary in the end? I really doubt it was. The pattern did allow me to practice making a wired bra, so that was good. I also ended up with an extra bra pattern I could use. However, I would say that it wasn't necessary for me to have that specific pattern.

A side note on the pattern itself, the Classic Bra pattern ended up requiring some work since it came out very pointy. I will talk about that in a separate post, but with some work it is definitely a good basic bra pattern. Overall, my experience with the online Bra Making Class was very pleasant and fulfilling. I learnt everything I wanted to learn, I actually watched someone make a bra in front of me (although on a computer screen), and most importantly in the end I felt confident IMG_9673when trying making bras myself. It also helped me understand Watson Sew Along a lot better and gain more knowledge from it. If someone is considering trying their hand in making their own bras and is extremely unsure about the whole process, I would definitely recommend taking a Craftsy class. After finishing the class and giving a variety of bra patterns a try I am growing more confident in my bra making skills. I am also happy to report that I've pretty much stopped wearing all my store bought bras! I find the ones that I make are very supportive, way more comfortable and better looking. I can't wait to share some of my makes and pattern reviews here! Love, Anya P.S. All opinions of Bra Making Craftsy Class are my own. I was not paid to review or asked to provide any comments. I bought the class myself, although I did score a good deal by buying it on sale. P.P.S All of the bras pictures are actually made using Orange Lingerie Boylston Bra pattern. It is my favorite pattern by far, and I also simply didn't have any other pictures on my phone :)
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