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Lane Raglan As we all are nearing the end of the year I can't help but think about my sewing over the past year, what I've learned, and where I would like to see my projects go in the next year. In 2015 I have really pushed myself and I think my sewing skills have progressed nicely. I've learned some new techniques and even new functions on my machine. I know... I should have really read the manual 6 years ago... I've transformed my sewing space into a space that really works for me and feels good. I've tried to stay on track and keep my fabric stash under control. That's didn't work out well, but intention was there. Off topic, the top in the picture is a Lane Raglan sweater I made using two kinds of sweater knit. It turned out beautifully, but alas, I won't talk about it here. I needed a picture for the post, so I used what I had on my phone. I'll do a separate post about all of the Lane Raglans I made. Yes, it's a plural because I've made a lot of them! I have started trying to plan my wardrobe for the season in Fall, and so far I have really enjoyed it. Most of my sewing has been revolved around filling in holes in my wardrobe. I must say it is refreshing to sew things that are useful and can be combined together right away. I plan to continue doing it. I have planned my winter wardrobe but it is not finalized yet, I still need to really go through all my stuff and figure out what is staying and what is going. Once I do that, I will transition my closet into my winter wear which will involve more sweaters, cardigans and long sleeve dresses. Lekala Coat 1This coming year I am really wanting to push myself in sewing and try making things I haven't made before. I have a few projects that I am very excited about . I have a couple coats I want to make. I already cut out this Lekala 4333 coat, and I have downloaded Cascade Coat Pattern. I have made coats before, but this is my first time using Lekala patterns and I am very eager to try them. The pattern is customized to the measurements you input, and then is sent to you as a PDF file. Ideally it should fit really well right off the bat, so I am very excited to see how it goes. As for Cascade Coat, it doesn't seem too hard, but I am planning to line it in extra warm plush lining so it withstands Calgary winter. The sewalong on Grainline Studio website seems amazing. I already read through it a few times. Such a nerd... I am planning to make jeans, using Ginger Jeans pattern. I've never made jeans before and although I am very terrified , I am excited at the same time. The sewalong for Ginger Jeans also seems very thorough. Yes, I've read through it as well. What? I'm preparing myself! I've already bought my denim, on sale at FabricLand. The content of fabric was pretty good (97% cotton, 3% spandex) so I couldn't pass. I've also bought Jeans & Pants Essentials kit from Thread Theory, so I feel like I am prepared. Now I am just waiting on the mailman to drop off my Thread Theory package! And of course working on the coat in the meantime. I've never made lingerie before but this year I am planning to give Watson Bra a go. I've been following a few lingerie making blogs and have been impressed with the quality of product the ladies put out. I was very inspired and I finally decided to give it a go. All I am waiting for is for Blackbird Fabrics to stock up their Bra Kits and then I will give it a go! Finally, another thing I am planning to push myself to sew is active wear. Ever since Tasia from Sewaholic released her Vancouver Collection I was intrigued. I work out a lot and I tend to spend a lot of money on Lululemon, so why not give making your own workout clothes a try? My only concern was finding quality fabric for active wear, but then I stumbled upon Peak Fabrics (located in Calgary!!) and they seem to have a solid selection of active wear fabrics. So I will be giving Pacific Leggings a try this coming year. Then who knows, I may even try making a sports bra using Dunbar Top pattern! Overall I think I have some grand plans, but I think they are doable. I am very excited to expand my horizons and of course share the progress and my makes on the blog. Love, Anya P.S. As I was writing about active wear, I couldn't help but sing this song. Yep, now you are hooked too. You are welcome!
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