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I apologize for posting this later than I intended. This month has been insanely busy with work and trips, and for my final trip with my family this past week and weekend I was out of reception zone, which I did not anticipate at all. I hope everyone is enjoying Orla Dresses popping up everywhere on social media. I certainly am! You guys have been so inspiring with your makes and hacks. I will be blatantly copying some of your ideas in the future. I am back today to show you my final hack of the Orla Dress. I want to say I saved the best for last, but I can not chose my favourite out of the four hacks I have now done. I love them all. However my last hack is more involved and having extra time to complete it was definitely helpful. As you can see, my last Orla is a proper shirt dress, with button up front, yoke and a shirt collar. I started off with raising the neckline on both front and back bodice pieces. Then I added yoke and I finished off with drafting a collar complete with a collar stand. This hack is a little bit more involved and requires some actual drafting, but it is absolutely doable. This beautiful fabric is courtesy of Harts fabrics, one of the sponsors for An Orla Affair. It is quality lightweight shirting fabric. It has gorgeous texture and I just love it! It is also very soft and feels absolutely fabulous next to my skin. I could make so many more items out of it! I didn't have enough fabric to make the skirt in its full length, so I ended up adding a band to the bottom of the skirt. It wasn't intentional at all, but I do like how it completes the look of the dress. All in all I consider this hack a success. I love how the dress looks very easy, yet put together. I can see a few more of these in my future! Of course, I will post a detailed tutorial for both drafting and sewing this dress. Hang on tight, the drafting tutorial is coming right away and the sewing will be up shortly. Until then, Anya
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