Rosari Skirt

image I have been seeing button front skirts everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE! At first they reminded me of a black denim skirt I used to have back in grade 9. I loved that thing to death and wore it all the time. I wore it so much that just a thought of a button front skirt gave me shivers at first. Then I kept seeing those skirts... and seeing them more... At first I thought "no way!" but then it changed to "hmmm... funny how the fashion comes around.." and then I went full on into "I must have it!!!" mode. image I kind of stumbled onto the pattern for the skirt one day just as I was being slowly convinced to change my mind about the skirt itself. I've never tried any of Pauline Alice's patterns but she does have some super cute ones in her shop! Rosari Skirt did not jump out at me, it was more of a gentle wave and "hey you, here is that skirt that you've been seeing everywhere, okay bye!" So I kept going. Then one day, as I mentioned above my acceptance of a skirt changed into an intense need and I bought the pattern without giving it a second thought. image I only have nice things to say about this pattern and I definitely recommend it. It taped together beautifully and the instructions were very thorough. I ended up blending between sizes - my waist being a size smaller than my hips. I used my French curve to draw a gently curved line to create a new side seam. I also determined the skirt length prior to sewing. I find I like my skirts around 19" long, so I added some extra length to the skirt pattern by slashing and spreading it. I didn't even make a muslin! I just went for it. And it worked! The skirt fit right off the bat. imageAfter trying it on, I did take it in at the sides a little bit as I found the overall flare was a little too much for me. But that was a super easy fix. image I used a beige corduroy fabric I had in my stash. I have been saving this fabric for years in hopes of making myself a corduroy jacket but never getting around to it. I think in the end the fabric is much better off being a skirt than taking valuable space in my fabric closet. The buttons also came from my stash, except I only had 4 and ended up having to get 6 more. image In the end I do love this skirt and it does remind me of my little black skirt I used to have in all the best ways. The first day I wore it I got a few compliments, and even a "I almost bought the same one the other day!" I don't just jump out at people and say "Aha! No you didn't! Cause I MADE mine!". I like to keep my sewing abilities semi-private so unless I am asked directly as to where I got something I don't say I made it. As for the skirt, it has definitely made it's way into a regular rotation in my wardrobe. Just like the old little black one did years ago... Love, Anya
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