Pocket-T's, Everywhere!

I have been MIA for a while! Life has been pretty crazy busy lately and although it hasn't stopped me from sewing, it apparently has stopped me from updating my blog. I anticipate the craziness for the next little bit, and hopefully then I will be back to something that resembles a routine, more or less. I am in the process of moving and the next month will be filled with unpacking and cleaning my old place for my new tenants. Ahhh... moving.... I hate it but it is for the better! IMG_8917 Even through this moving adventure I managed to sign myself up to be a pattern tester for Charlotte Kan. I was so worried that I would not have time to test the pattern, but I loved the Pocket-T so much that I had to do it. I ran it by my BF (or my live-in partner, that's how I refer to him now) and he thought I should absolutely test it if I love it that much. See, that's why I am moving in with this man, he understands my passion/obsession. Well, and for many other reasons too. Everything about this pattern was great. It came together easily. The A4 format used the paper efficiently and was very easy to put together. I traced the pattern, cut it and made my first shirt in one night! Over a course of 3 hours. Talk about an easy project! IMG_8915My first t-shirt was made out of cotton gauze that kind of resembles very light denim in colour, but a lot lighter in weight. I really wanted some kind of denim top for a while and this shirt was just begging for it. It came together very easily. The pocket design is something amazing. It is actually a double pocket! I can't imagine myself using it, but it definitely looks uber cool. I'd say the pocket is probably the hardest thing out of the whole shirt construction. Everything else came together pretty easily. The shirt has a curved hem at the front and a square hem at the back. Those were also a little bit challenging, but nothing you can't figure out. Especially since the instructions are very good.

IMG_8916My second try involved a silky polyester blend. I also wanted a red t-shirt since the beginning of summer and seeing that I may have very limited access to my sewing machine for the rest of the summer (moving sucks) I just had to make it. The second try was a little bit harder but only due to my fabric choice. The silkiness of polyester can be challenging. Still, in the end I am very happy with how the t-shirt turned out. Same cool pocket and sweet hem.

For some reason these pocket-t's just didn't want to photograph! Well, I think it is me just not being able to pose at all tonight and all my pictures turning out absolutely horrendous. An hour of posing and picture taking and I barely had 3 to show... Oh well! I will figure it out, eventually. I don't know how models do it.

I am still trying to figure out how to wear these two, but I am absolutely in love with both of them. I see many more pocket-t's in my future. Colour blocking, lace insets, funky pattern... Oh the possibilities!! Love, Anya
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