Peach and Gray Set

Boylston BraI have been making my own bras for a few months now and I have to say it is super addicting! I started off being very skeptical about the whole thing. Although I have always had trouble finding a bra that fits, I did not think that I would even attempt to wear a soft cup bra in public. No way! I have always been a foam cup, preferably with some padding, type of girl. Yet, I found most of my ready to wear bras rarely fit me in the cup and the band at the same time, and overall were uncomfortable. Even with those challenges I was still convinced I would never wear a me-made bra. Was I ever wrong... pretty much after completing my third bra (my first two ended up being true trial runs) and trying it on I was mesmerized by how well it fit. The bra itself wasn't perfect! But everything seemed to fit so well that I didn't even need the foam or push up cups to make me look different. For the first time in my life I was truly happy with my natural form and shape! That experience was liberating on so many levels! Fast forward a few months and now I only wear me made bras and I could not be happier with the fit, support, look, feel ... everything! It is safe to say that my lingerie drawer never looked better, sexier and more empowering. Boylston Bra This particular set is inspired by Amy's from Cloth Habit Peaches and Lace Bra. I fell so hard for the peach and gray color combo that I could not stop thinking about it and I knew I had to get my hands onto something that would resemble it. I tried to find a suitable lace, online and in stores, but I couldn't find quite what I needed. I stumbled upon Bra Maker's Supply Let Us Chose the Lace Kit (second from the top) and I decided, why not? If it doesn't work out, I will use it for something else! I picked gray duoplex for my set and in the comments for my order I asked for peach or warm pink lace if possible. I think the team at Bra Maker's Supply did exceptionally well! The lace I got in my set was exactly what I envisioned! IMG_0314 I used Orange Lingerie Boylston Pattern for the bra. This is my favorite bra pattern so far! Most of my bras are made using this pattern. I simply can not say enough good things about it! I made minor fit modification to the cup by pinching out the excess across the horizontal seam. It seems like it is a common adjustment for me as I've had to do it with all my bra patterns, yet size smaller was too small (this explains why ready to wear didn't fit well). I've also opted not to use the fabric strap and instead I added a tiny strap extension to the upper cup which ended up being folded over onto the cup when I attached the ring. IMG_0313 I've used gray duoplex as my main fabric, but I tend not to like how shiny it is. So I actually ended up using the "wrong", less shiny, side of the fabric as my main side. The bra itself is not lined, as duoplex doesn't fray and I wanted to try my bra out without lining. I have to say, so far it hasn't been bad! I do prefer the clean look of the lined bra, and I line most of my bras, but I don't really miss it in this bra. IMG_0316 It is always nice to have a full matching set of a bra and underwear, but I find that I prefer making bras to making undies. Somehow bras are slightly more challenging and hence more exciting. So I made sure that I made a full set this time. I had enough leftover lace to squeeze out two Kingston Thongs. Kingston Thong has a really cool design where you use folded power mesh on the side and it ends up giving you a perfect seamless look. I loved it! Although I altered the original design quite a bit because I prefer a narrower side on my underwear and I love to use the lace in the back. IMG_0317 I am very pleased with how the set turned out! My only issue is that this beauty is hidden under clothes. Not that I would ever have the courage to go sans sweater in public, even if it was acceptable, but part of me does want to tell everyone "you won't believe what I made and how good it looks!!!" I guess I'll have to stick showing my underwear off, sans the model, on the blog and Instagram. Love, Anya P.S. I am leaving on vacation for a week tomorrow, but I have so many makes and updates to share so rather than taking a break I decided to schedule posts for the coming week :) I will likely be quiet on my instagram, but it will seem like I have never gone away here.
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