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chair afterI moved into my current place almost exactly two years ago and I was beyond happy to finally have my own place. No roommates, no man, no one to tell me what to do with my space! It was a tough year before that and it involved a LOT of moving. By a lot I mean really, a lot. I pretty much moved five times in one year. It was an interesting period of time for me. No wonder when I got my place, I really wanted to make it mine. My own, decorate it in the colors I liked, have pillows I want and flowers I want, the furniture I want... It took me over a year to finally take a plunge and do it. This lovely chair is one of the results of my redecorating journey. I really had an urge for a classy, old-school beautiful oval back chair with soft lines, fluffy cushions and of course the color scheme that was suited to my place. I had a vision that I would use the chair as an accent chair in my bedroom. I had no space for it, I couldn't imagine when I would sit in it either but I didn't care. I trusted it would all work out. My only issue was that I had a small budget and I could not afford what I saw at the stores. The price tag was just way too high! So after some thinking I decided that I know how to sew and work with fabric... how hard can this whole re-upholstering thing be?? I started the hunt for the "perfect" chair I would bring back to life. Chair beforeI was impatient and I wanted a perfect chair, now. I scoured kijiji almost hourly and thrift stores almost daily. I finally found this gem at a furniture consignment gallery. I was ecstatic! It was pretty much exactly what I needed, so without thinking I bought it. Looking back at the whole process I definitely want to say that I paid way too much for the old chair. It was in a great shape, don't get me wrong. But my impatience didn't allow me to sit back, relax and wait for a good chair come into my life for super cheap or even free. That's the thing I learned, when it comes to used things, instant gratification is rare. If you have a vision, you must have patience and with that you will get the piece you want for cheap. Set a budget and don't go over it, it is possible to get good things for little. So yes, I paid too much but I was happy. Brought it home and.... waited over a couple months to start working on it! See! Could have waited for a cheaper chair. By that time, just as I thought, I figured out a perfect space for it in my bedroom. My redecoration project ended up involving a new (to me and repainted) dresser which looked better in a different spot from where my old one used to be. That cleared up a cozy corner by the window of my bedroom... Ahhh... I love when things come together like that. Foot stool beforeI also decided that I want a footstool to go with the chair. My original plan was to build one myself but then I saw this sad little thing on kijiji for virtually nothing ($10?) so I picked it up. Then one beautiful day I decided I've waited enough and I started my work on the chair and the footstool. I took them completely apart. I took off all the fabric and everything you can unscrew. It's pretty straight forward once you turn the chair upside down to see how to take it apart. It's like layers on an onion, you take one thing off and then you see what you need to take off next. (Advise - take lots of pictures or notes) After everything was disassembled I took to my electrical sander and sanded all the wooden parts down. The stain on the chair was in good condition but sadly it didn't match the footstool. Also the style of the footstool was slightly off and rather than having a footstool that kind of ... almost matched the chair I decided to repaint them both the same color. So I gave them a light sanding to take the top layer of paint off, then I primed them and I painted them. They had to have a few coats of paint, especially the footstool because it was dark to begin with, so it took a bit of time. Once I was happy with the paint I started on the fabric. I don't have any pictures or many memories of the process other than my stapler being really non-cooperative. I had a manual stapler and if you are thinking that upholstery is something you may do down the road, even for a bit of fun, I definitely recommend a good pneumatic stapler with an air compressor. It makes all the difference in the world! chair afterAfter a few hours of working with the fabric, stapler, extra padding and glue gun I was done. I couldn't believe what I had in front of me! My chair! Exactly what I wanted! I couldn't believe I did it myself... I ended up making the seat cushion and the footstool quite a bit puffier and I think they look great like that. The chair turned out super comfortable and matches and compliments my bedroom perfectly. In the end this chair was an absolutely perfect addition to my bedroom. I had a head injury a few days after I finished the chair and I ended up starting to meditate because I was told it helped with headaches. (It really did!)This chair and the footstool turned out to be a very comfortable meditation space for me. They are in a perfect spot in my bedroom, their own cozy corner next to a window and I absolutely love spending time sitting there, meditating, petting my dog or cat and just looking out of the window. I am so glad I went with my gut feeling to get the chair, even though I paid too much and thought there was no space or use for it! See, trust yourself, the process and in the end it all works out. One more picture of my dog enjoying the new chair: IMG_7381 Love, Anya
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