NBC Challenge Update and Me Made May Conclusion

I can't believe another month has passed already and Me Made May is over! By the way, we have been calling Me Made May "me-ma-may" in our household. Somehow, Me Made May is a mouthful and we figured as long as you make sounds that start with M really fast, it is all sounds the same. Top 5 I have decided to roll the last couple days of Me Made May, Me Made May Conclusion post AND NBC Challenge Update post all into one! It may sound like a lot but my experiences with Me Made May really tied into NBC Challenge and lead me to discover more things about myself and my closet. First off, here are two last days of Me Made May. Day 30: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGCIpJtiuMW/?taken-by=anna.zoe.sewing Day 31: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGEtCgYCuKb/?taken-by=anna.zoe.sewing If you would like a full weekly recap you can visit Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4 posts. What an adventure Me Made May was! This was my first year participating in it and I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't sure if I would be able to snap a picture of what I am wearing on a daily basis, but after a few days I realized that leaving my tripod out in the kitchen was the best way to go about it. Here are some thoughts about my experience, broken apart with my top 5 favorite outfits (in my opinion) from May:
  • First off, I wore something me-made everyday! That was super exciting. I also never fully realized how many clothes I have and how many of them are me-made. I really don't need any more clothes... but it won't stop me from making them!
    Green Laurel Dress I love this dress! It is so easy to wear and look instantly put together. The tencel fabric it is made out of it pure dream.
  • The challenge really pushed me to look at my closet with a different mindset. Rather than looking for pretty garments, I was looking for what is useful for daily wear. I love frilly dresses, but Me Made May quickly showed me that I lacked in the basics department - I had only a couple pants, almost no basic sweaters and one RTW t-shirt that was too short on me. These basics, although less fun to make, are what glues the workable closet together. I am already seeing a few more basic items that I need and I plan to work them into my sewing schedule.
    Lark Dress Yet another super comfy and instantly elegant dress. It is made out of super soft cotton and feels amazing on. It looks easily put together with heels and will look just as great but casual with sneakers and a denim jacket.
  • I also realized that even though I try to push myself to make garments out of fun prints and such, I still reach for basic neutral colors. I knew I liked grays and off whites, but I never realized how much. I also came to a conclusion that it is okay to own more than one off white top since I wear them all the time. Somehow I felt bad for making more than one garment in the same color.
    Hampshire Trousers These pants are my favorite! I feel like they accurately reflect my style. They can be dressed up or look very casual depending on my mood.
  • My me made garments fit me better! I never fully realized that, but this month I tired on RTW t-shirt and a couple bras and I didn't like the way they fit and feel at all! I am tall, so the t-shirt was uncomfortably short on me. Off it went into donation pile. My RTW bra felt too padded, the straps too shirt and the band too thin and loose. I am not a great seamstress and I make mistakes, yet even at this level my garments still fit and feel great. This realization made me feel really good.
    Rosari Skirt I love this skirt! The corduroy fabric is certainly a little heavy for late spring / summer so this is probably the last time I wore it this season. But I am already thinking of making one for summer in cotton twill. Next time I will also add pockets at the front.
  • I really pushed myself in May to tackle pants. I have made a couple in the past and I was really proud of my Thurlow Trousers success. But I was still taking it easy on myself and not pushing further. Well, this past month I managed to whip out 5 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of jeans! I think I have enough pants to last me for a bit. I am getting more comfortable with pant making and fitting. As for welt pockets and zipper fly, bring them on! I am not scared of those anymore.
    Laurel Dress I am mad about Laurel pattern! It is so versatile! This particular Laurel is made out of tencel twill and has a Peter Pan collar. I can't help but feel very preppy wearing this dress.
  • As much as I am going to miss Me Made May, my wallet is really exited for June. Seeing all the inspirational makes, styles and fabrics was extremely tempting. I bought more patterns than I can sew just based on what I've seen other people make and wear this month. And don't even get me started on the fabric envy... It'll be a busy summer!
  • And finally, I found so many amazing and inspiring people to follow on Instagram and blogosphere! I find seeing other skilled seamstresses and their amazing designs and styles really pushes and inspires me. Sewing community really has blown me away with how nice and welcoming everyone is. I am so excited and honored to be a part of it.
Now onto No Buying Clothes Challenge update. I have done really well this month! Well, with it being Me Made May and me having to wear me-made items it was easy. Here are some thoughts on my experience so far:
  • I do not miss buying clothes! I am not even tempted. Sometimes I do see interesting styles in the stores but I don't have an urge to buy anything. I usually snag a picture and keep it for inspiration.
  • Even though I am not buying clothes, I am certainly buying shoes! Too many of them. Those who know me in real life, lovingly poke fun at me because apparently the money that I save not buying clothes I spend on shoes. I need to stop. My feet will thank me too, breaking shoes in is too much for them already.
  • Two things that I can not wait to buy - camisoles and underwear. I am thinking camisoles that are strictly worn under sweaters and see-through garments. It needs to be somewhat fitted and with thin straps, and it doesn't sound appealing to me to make... If you know of a good pattern, please share! Mine are completely wearing out and I am dreading making them. As for underwear, I do make and wear my own bras but knickers... They take up so much elastic and I find them a little boring to make. And then it's a garment that I wear completely out and so fast. It pains me to put effort into it to see it washed and being worn out on daily basis. Am I the only one who's so weird about it?
That's all I can think of right now. I hope everyone had fun this Me Made May. What was your favorite part of it? Love, Anya
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