NBC Challenge - March Update

It has occurred to me this morning that I completely forgot to post an update on how my No Buying Clothes Challenge is going. It has been another month of not buying any clothes and I am continuing to learn and develop from this process. An update is in order! I am happy to report that in terms of staying away from buying any clothes is has been a successful month! I haven't bough any clothes and continued to make everything that I need or wear what I already have. However there are still a few things I learnt I could improve on.
  1. I am in need of a plain off-white sweater... I am talking super simple, off-white sweater that would go with everything. In the past J-Crew's Tippi pullover was my go-to buy. It's exactly what I am looking for. I have to admit, I even almost convinced S to buy me one as a gift... But it didn't work. jcrew-ivory-petite-tippi-sweater-white-product-0-422528903-normal My main issue when it comes to the sweater is not that it is hard to make. It's easy! With a serger it will not take long either. However, I am having trouble finding the right knit. I want something that is of a better quality with some natural fibers and is a light sweater knit, not a t-shit knit. But I am having trouble locating the fabric in Calgary and actually in Canada... If anyone has suggestions for good quality sweater knit I could buy, on-line or in store, outside of Canada too, I would love to hear them!
  2. I have noticed that my fabric spending has increased dramatically! I guess having an excuse of not buying clothes for a year somehow justifies buying all the pretty fabrics I see even if I am not going to get to them in a bit. I guess a fabric stash is not all for sewing and can be considered a collection of sorts, but overspending on fabric was not part of the plan for the year. I am not sure how, but I will have to curb my fabric spending and shop my stash. There is this thing they call willpower... I wonder where can I get one of them...
  3. Finally, I have been doing my Wardrobe Architect project, mainly following along with Christine's journey and doing the exercises as she completes them (because I am too lazy to do it on my own). I was very excited to have my color palette finalized and named!$R3H524VIt am sure that I could have narrowed my Main Colors to include less of cream tones, but it was unbelievably hard for me. They are all so pretty!! So I left it as is. The experience lead me to realize the full extent of my love for warm off-white and cream tones and come to terms with it. So now I don't feel as guilty sewing all shades of off-white tops! I love them and I will wear them.Having the palette also affected the way I look at my fabric stash and how I shop for my fabric. I used to come down on myself for not having enough bright pretty loud prints, and would force myself to "venture out". The reality is though, that I just don't wear them and don't like them. It is also okay to have a more toned down closet if it reflects my style.
There you go, I think it was another month full of learning and reflecting. We'll see what the next month brings! Love, Anya
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