My very first chair

FullSizeRenderI wouldn't say that my love for re-upholstery began from this chair, but the chair did spark something in me. I originally picked it up with an idea of it being my future sewing room chair. I wanted a funky, bright, yet delicate and vintage looking chair. Since I was on a saving spree, I decided to give this sad looking chair I picked up from someone else's porch for free a go. Why not? What's the worst that can happen? This chair was indeed in a very bad shape. It was missing screws and it was already part painted by someone else. It was not a great paint job either... So I gave the chair a good sanding and primed it with the primer. Mind you I should probably make it clear it was one of my first furniture painting project too. Truly, this chair was my first revamp in all possible ways! IMG_7576After a few coats of paint the chair was starting to look better. I decided to add foam to it's seat to make it cushion-y (is that a word? It is now!). Then I added some funky fabric from my fabric stash. Why did I even have upholstery fabric stashed when I didn't do any upholstery at the time is beyond me... Anyways, at that time the chair was really coming together! I ended up not using this chair as my sewing room chair and gave it to a friend of mine to use it as a chair for her vanity table. I am very happy with how it turned out! It is definitely one of the easier upholstery projects there is and it did serve as a great introduction into other more challenging projects for me. Once again, Mr. Chair! IMG_7575
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