Kommatia Cocoon Cardigan

Where to begin the post about this cardigan? It is so insanely cozy and comfy, I don't ever want to take it off again. I think it is a perfect combination of fabric and pattern. Last year I accidentally stumbled across Kommatia Patterns on Etsy. I loved the designs but the company was new to me and I haven't heard much of them at that point. It turns out Kommatia is a fellow Canadian brand based out of Montreal. After my inability to get Jessica's designs out of my head, I decided to give their Pleated Trousers a chance and I was absolutely smitten. I also just realized I've never blogged about the trousers... and I am even planning to make another pair soon here... The Cocoon Cardigan is a very long cardigan with a cozy cocoon shape. It has a kimono sleeve with a wide sleeve band and inseam pockets. At first I was considering shortening the cardigan, but I decided to go with the original design. For my fabric I chose super soft cloud nine knit from Blackbird Fabrics. This knit is so soft and feels so luxurious, it almost feels like cashmere. Unsurprisingly, I managed to convince myself to buy a lot of it... I've already made two sweaters out of beige and grey colours, and I still have some beige knit left for Blackwood Cardigan I am planning for summer. This fabric is amazing! The only suggestion I have for you, if you bought this fabric and haven't made anything yet, keep your iron on very low heat. This fabric doesn't like hot iron. It also stretches really well, so if you are making a sweater I would recommend shortening the neckband and hem bands just a touch. This cardigan is such an easy sew! Especially if you have a serger. It is fast. The only part that was a little cumbersome was attaching the band to the circumference of the cardigan. It is just so long... But I did it on the first try. All the notches were very helpful! As I mentioned I considered shortening the cardigan but I am so glad that I didn't do it in the end! I love how long and cozy this thing is. I have been wrapping myself up in it every chance I get. I also didn't expect how well it would pair with so many things in my closet. It turned out to be a great staple! I imagine I will be wearing it all the time as it gets warmer. Also, I had to take these photos twice. First time my camera was acting up and didn't focus correctly. But I had so much fun photographing the cardigan the first time because Misha decided to photobomb me and refused to leave. I just have to share it! What a change from this, eh? My fluffy bear dog is almost all grown up! https://www.instagram.com/p/BI1DNFVDWvU/?taken-by=anna.zoe.sewing Until next time, Anya
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