Hemlock Tee - One of Many!

image Do you ever find that you put off sewing the easiest garments the longest? I certainly do. I mean I have had the pattern for Lark Tee for a few months now, I have even assembled it and cut it out, but I have yet to actually sew myself a t-shirt. The whole shirt would take me may be 45 min to sew, but exactly because it is so fast and easy I keep putting it off. Grainline's free (!) Hemlock Tee was no exception. I've had the pattern for at least a year before I finally got to it! It only has 4 seams, excluding hemming and neckline, and I still couldn't bring myself to making one. Sigh... image It was only when I realized there were no light, roomy, cute sweaters in my wardrobe that I finally decided to make Hemlock Tee. Sure, the pattern is for a t-shirt, but I decided to use a sweater knit. I think as long as the knit fabric used is not bulky, Hemlock will turn out just fine. image The only modification to the pattern I made was taking the sleeve in at the very end by 3/4" at the seam. It made for a slightly narrower sleeve throughout and definitely more narrow sleeve at the end. I don't like when my sleeves are wide and hang on my arms. I like them slightly taught so I can pull them up just a little bit. image I left everything else the same. I didn't change the length of the pattern and I haven't taken it in or let it out. For reference, I am 5'10" and take size 10 in regular Grainline tops. image In the end I am left wondering why the heck have I not jumped on Hemlock train sooner?! It is such an easy and versatile pattern. It comes together in under an hour and goes so well with so many things. I have been wearing this Hemlock pretty much non-stop since I made it. I definitely recommend this pattern. Not only it's free, it's also amazing. Do yourself a favor and if you already don't have the pattern, go get one here. Your closet will thank you :) Love, Anya
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