Hemlock Dress

image How many Hemlocks are too many? I don't think it is possible to have too many Hemlocks. At least not for this girl. Shortly after whipping out at least four Hemlocks (most of them un-blogged) I was thinking of my next Hemlock. As I was falling asleep one night a thought crossed my mind - "make it into a dress!". I do tend to think of sewing as I fall asleep, as I am sure everyone else does too because it is a totally normal thing to do, right? So the next chance I got I promptly got onto making this pattern into a dress. image To make the pattern into the dress I added extra length to the pattern. The rest I sewed up as usual. Prior to hemming it, I've tried it on to see if it is too wide (it was) and / or too long (it was). I ended up taking it in at the sides a little bit and cutting off a couple inches at the bottom. image I finished my neckline with a band and used a chain-stitch on my coverstitch machine to topstitch it so it lies flat. I hemmed the sleeves and the bottom of the dress using the coverstitch machine as well. I have had it since Christmas (it was my present to myself!) and I am slowly learning the ropes on it. I find coverstitch machine slightly more finicky than serger, but I am sure I will charm my way to it's metal, gear filled heart. IMG_0141 Oh, and check out the stripe matching. Like a boss! Ever since I started pinning my fabric at the stripes, stripe matching has not been an issue. 75B75059-8095-4B38-9A1C-959C86ED6FB0 The fabric came from Blackbird Fabrics. It is a loosely knitted cotton sweater knit. It is so lovely and so comfy against the skin. Unfortunately Caroline does not have any more left, but I am hoping next fall she will get some more awesome knits in stock There is nothing much else to say about the dress. It is easier than easy to put together, especially if you have a serger. It is super comfortable to wear and you instantly look put together after throwing it on in the morning. I find all dresses do that though. All of this got me thinking of what else can be done with Hemlock pattern... I mean it's free! Would you try making it? Would you make it into a dress? What else would you make it into? I also still need to try Mandy Boat Tee, I hear it is just as fabulous. Love, Anya
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