Frankie Tryout - Take 2

Frankie Skirt - 2-1I love wearing skirts in summer! It's easy, light and super breathable. I don't have to worry about tights or boots. It doesn't get better!

This skirt was my second and final version as part of pattern testing for Frances from Muffin Head Patterns. Frances asked us to make a muslin version and a final version. Even though I made my first muslin a full on lined wearable muslin with pockets (can you even call it a muslin at this point??), I decided to still go ahead and try this skirt a second time.

I didn't do any adjustments to my first pattern. I found that it fit well and I didn't have any issues with it. So I used the same pattern again. I only changed the waistband and omitted the pockets. Frankie Skirt - 2-2Since my first skirt was made out of faux linen-like fabric, and I didn't want a cotton skirt, I decided that I wanted to see what this skirt would look like out of light and flow-y fabric. It's summer after all, nothing like a light skirt to keep it cool! I used a see through black with white polka dots chiffon from my stash. I don't even know why and when I bought it... I was thinking of making a top out of it, but I completely forgot that black next to my face completely washes me out. So the fabric was lying in my stash for years until this skit came along. Since it was really see through, I used left over scraps to line the skirt. The scraps were mystery soft poly blend ivory fabric, that is a little heavier than chiffon. This made the skirt slightly less black which I really like. Because of the sheerness of chiffon and the need to have it lined, I had to forego the pockets. I mean I could have used the main fabric and lining fabric as one and still done the pockets, but I feared that because of the different fabric weight if I connected them at all the seams, the skirt would have pulled at the seams and chiffon wouldn't have hanged and moved nicely. Because of that I left the skirt layers unconnected at any seams except for the zipper. I find this way it flows and moves very nicely. Frankie Skirt -2-4Attaching the waistband using my favorite method proved a bit challenging for the exact same reason. I had to separately gather both the chiffon skirt piece and the lining skirt piece. And that is too much work and gathering if you ask me. But my need for tidy waistband outweighed my laziness and I did the extra work. Sigh. I hemmed the skirt using Colette's technique for baby hem. Except mine wasn't that much of a baby, more of a toddler. I did want my hem just a tad wider, at about 5-7mm. As for the lining, that's where my laziness took over and I just finished my hem using the serger. I know... In the end, I absolutely love how this skirt tuned out! It is flowy, easy, feminine and just so summery, all of it without being too poufy. I decided I prefer fabric with some drape for Frankie skirt. I think it just looks so much better with tiny little pleats at the top and hangs so much nicer. I am done with Frankie skirts for summer, but I am sure I will be making at least one more for this coming Fall/Winter! So stay tuned. Love, Anya
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