Floral Moneta Dress

image This is not quite the Friday Fail. It's actually the opposite, I would consider this dress a Friday Win, if you will. I don't have any current photographs of my recent fails to post as a Friday Fail. And there were some fails... The most recent one was so bad that I ended up throwing the whole thing out. Photographing it would not have even been possible! But I'll talk about it in a different post. Now onto Moneta Dress! Moneta... The sewing blogosphere is full of them! And for a good reason. The dress is such an easy make, fits well and is super versatile. It really doesn't get easier, there are no darts, the sleeves are set in flat and it's made out of knit fabric. One can't go wrong with this dress! image Just like majority of Colette patterns, I had to make adjustments to make this pattern work for me. I lengthened the bodice, increased the width of the shoulder and made some changes to the sleeve cap. I made all alterations on paper paying close attention to my measurements since I didn't want to make a muslin. I tend not to make muslins for knit garments. image I used my serger to put the dress together. The bodice was quick to sew and rather painless. The sleeves were set in flat. I finished my neckline and sleeved with bands as I much prefer the finished look of them and my machine always has trouble with double needle. image I tried to use clear elastic to gather the skirt but that was a major fail for me (there! Friday Fail after all). I just couldn't do it! In the end my skirt didn't gather evenly and looked completely off. So I pulled my seam ripper out and took the elastic off. I gathered my skirt the old-fashioned way by using the longest stitch on my machine, stitching around the waist seam and pulling bobbin threads. It took some extra time but I am very happy with my gathers and how they turned out. image The fabric came from my local Fabricland and is a polyester mix. I tend to be rather snobby when it comes to knits and polyester, but I am getting over it. This fabric actually feels and looks good. It's pretty soft and drapes well, but still, it does have that polyester-y feel to it. The print was what really got me, so in the end I didn't care about the content of the fabric. I just had to have it! Honestly, I am very surprised that I have only one Moneta Dress in my closet. They are such an easy make! And after throwing one on you instantly look and feel put together. I am thinking I need to make myself a solid color Moneta. Something in a neutral color that can be an easy basic item. But then, there are summer Moneta's as well to think of. So many choices, so little time! Love, Anya
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