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Welcome to my blog! My name is Anya and I am absolutely crazy about anything fabric related. I was toying with an idea of starting a blog for a while now, but something seemed to be in the way (isn't it always??) This weekend I decided that's it, I need space to track all my projects and write about them so I do not overwhelm my friends and family with seemingly endless supply of DIY stories and ideas. I figured in my first post I'll tell a little more about the story behind my passion.

I became interested in sewing at the tender age of 6 or so. I remember being completely fascinated by how my mom turned her old sock into a pair of “knitted” tights for my favorite doll, even complete with a ribbed waistband! From then on all I could think of is creating clothes for my dolls. Well, my vision of a complete wardrobe full of outfits did not turn into reality, but a girl could dream. At the age of 8 I made my first skirt for myself. I did not have access to a sewing machine so I did it all by hand. May be that is why I hate hand sewing so much these days… I don’t remember much about that skirt. I think it was striped red and white, made out of some fabric I found at home. I think it was stretchy too. It had a cased elastic waistband. I do not remember if the stripes were matched, or if it was hemmed. I think I told everyone I ran into that I made my skirt, in case they didn't notice, but I am sure they did... I was so proud that I made my own skirt!

I grew up around women who sew. My grandmother made her own clothes. I remember sitting next to her as she was making her summer dresses and how excited I was when she gave me a serious task of tying threads on dart ends before she clipped them off. My mother actually has a seamstress certification and she made quite a few clothes for me and my brother as we were growing up. Needless to say she was a wealth of knowledge when I myself began trying to read patterns and came crying to her when something was wrong with my projects. She was able to understand me, calm me down and point me in the right direction. Bless her heart for hanging through tough sewing times. Like when I decided to use a black permanent pen to trace a pattern for a blouse on the white fabric she just reluctantly bought for me, fully aware that I chose a pattern too difficult for me to attempt. Or when I promised to make her a coat, my very first coat, and I got so overwhelmed that I never finished it... It is because of this understanding of sewing challenges, encouragement and patience when it came to my bombed projects, I think I am where I am today. So there, thank you, mom!

I can not say I was sewing all my life. When I was in university I gave it up. I was too busy studying and trying to fit in. One day though, I saw a girl, whose style I admired, wearing a beautiful houndstooth mini skirt. It looked so good! And I wanted one so bad! I was also so broke and there was no way I could afford to shop in the stores she shopped. Saddened I was left to admire the skirt and the girl and her amazing sense of style. Then when I got home it occurred to me that I can make it! It’s a simple mini skirt. Geez, I made a skirt when I was 8, I could surely make one now! And so my affair with sewing began again. I did make a similar skirt and I did wear it proudly. This time the skirt was properly hemmed, lined and even had a zipper!

These days I make a lot of the things I wear. Partially because they fit better, I can make exactly what I want and the items are of better quality than what I would buy at the stores without spending a fortune. I also am completely crazy about the sewing process and how a simple fabric can transform into amazing finished garment that is available for wear!

I also recently became interested in re-upholstery. My not so little reno project at home unexcpectidly turned up this brand new interest for me and so far I was able to successfully, I think, translate my sewing skills into upholstering skills.

So… where does this all lead? I don’t know! I see this blog as a personal journey, a space where I can share my passion, my knowledge and my creative process, as well as a way to document all the crazy things I do, successfully, not so successfully and even when I fail miserably.

Come, stay awhile, grab a glass of wine, or a cup of tea, and if you feel like it, drop me a line!

Love, Anya

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