Fen Dress

image Over the last couple months I found my style changing quite a bit. I am no longer drawn to fitted garments and I find myself reaching out for looser fit items in my closet. This change was a little unsettling for me and I kept thinking that something must be wrong with me. I must have gotten a fever or a bug or something... Then I finally gave into it and decided to give another loose dress a try. And hence this Fen Dress was born. Prior to settling on Fen Dress I did some research looking for a loose fit dress that was not tight but yet not very loose. I wanted it to have some idea of a form despite having lots of ease. After searching through indie patterns I settled on Fen Dress by Fancy Tiger Crafts. image The pattern had everything I was looking for - subtle waist definition, loose fit, sleeves and even pockets!! It also is intended for woven fabrics and that's what I wanted as well. I printed it off and taped it together without encountering any issues. The instructions are clear and well written. Really, the pattern was a pleasure to sew. image I chose a fabric from my stash. I really have been trying to use my stash as much as I can! This rayon was in my stash for probably 5 years... Its super soft and pleasant next to the skin. It is also very drape-y and easy to press and sew. Unfortunately, it does wrinkle well. But because of the busy print it is barely noticeable. image I didn't muslin the dress. I cut the size I fell into with my measurements straight from my fabric. I figured the final adjustments will be minor and I could do them right on this dress. After I put it all together and tried it on, the dress was a little looser than I wanted it to be. I ended up taking in 1" from each side. I also hemmed it a little shorter than the pattern. This was based purely on my personal preferences as well. image After making the adjustments to the side seams I transferred them to the pattern. For my next Fen Dress I will take 1" off the center back and front. I find the neckline on the dress is quite wide and I don't like when my bra straps show unintentionally. I think taking extra width off the center front and back will adjust both the neckline and the sides. I am very happy with how this dress turned out. It is so comfortable and easy to wear! I love the pockets, I love the sleeve and I love the overall ease of the dress. I am already trying to think of what other versions of Fen pattern I can make. Possibly a sleeveless summer dress? A top? If only I had all the extra time to make everything I want! Love, Anya
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