Facings and Pockets for Orla - Introduction

I am here today with my very first post for the Orla Affair! This is the very first post of exciting, as least in my opinion, content I have for you this month together with the other three amazing ladies - Rachel, Allie and Maddie. I think pockets are a great addition to any garment and Orla dress is not exception. Being able to add pockets to any garment should be a kind of superpower, in my opinion. And I have prepared a very straight forward tutorial for you on how to do that. Facings are a neat way to finish neckline, and armholes if you are making a sleeveless garment, without the finishing stitches being visible from the outside. I love using this method when I am working with fabrics or creating a style where I think a visible stitching line is unappealing. It took me a while to figure out how I want to publish these posts. I really want the content to be easily accessible in the future and only to have pertinent information. So I have decided to break the posts apart, so I have this introductory post and I also have a separate post for drafting pockets and drafting facing. I hope it makes things easier and results in posts that are relatively short and to the point. In no way the method I am using is the only true way. I chose these particular measurements to start off as they worked best on my body. I encourage you to double check them on yourself! For reference, I am 5'10" and a size L in Orla. To find out how to draft pockets click here: And to find out how to draft facings go here: I will be back tomorrow with another drafting tutorial for a sleeveless Orla hack. And on Sunday I will publish a few more posts with detailed explanation on how to sew all of these fabulous hacks together. Until then, Anya
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