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You may notice that I have recently added two children's patterns to the shop - the Misha Vest and the River Sleepsack. These patterns were part of Blue Darling Patterns by Anna Zoe which I started shortly after the birth of my daughter Zoe in 2019. It was a fun venture and I loved getting to know the digital patterns world through the lens of kids patterns. Over the past two years I slowly started getting away from designing sewing patterns for children and getting really interested in getting my other designs into the world. These new designs have been my passion and this is the way I see Anna-Zoe Patterns going. At least for now.

In the meantime, I find it hard to upkeep the two websites - one for the two children's patterns and one for my adult patterns. Especially since I am not really doing anything to promote the children's side. So I decided to move the two patterns to the Anna-Zoe website and let the Blue Darling website go. Do I find it sad? No, I don't. I have never got really deeply into it and everything I created is still here. But it is a huge weight off my shoulders to have it all in one spot.

I am yet to sew the final product photos for the River Sleepsack... The pattern has been tested and proofread, and yet I have been trying to take final product photos for over 6 months now. Every time I sew one up for Zoe, I put her right into it, thinking I will snap a photo later. But later, the sleepsack is no longer "new". I also have made many, many sleepsacks for my friends' kids, which I promptly gave away before taking photos.... At this point, Zoe is out of the sleepsack and sleeps under a blanket, and I finally had enough and decided to just put the pattern out there. It is arguably one of my most used patterns because I have made it so many times over the years, and I imagine I still will as our friends have babies. I promise I WILL take final photos of the next sleepsack I make! But just in case if you get the pattern and make it, maybe send me a picture so I can add it to the listing, ok?


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