Burda Pleated Skirt

image I think in all my time sewing I've made more skirts that I could ever imagine. I started sewing with skirts. I made pencil skirts from my mom, I made simple gathered skirts for me... As a matter of fact, now that I am thinking about it, my very first me-made item for myself was a skirt. I was about 8 years old and I managed to sew by hand a simple rectangle skirt with a fold over elastic casing. By hand! I don't think I would ever do that again... image This skirt does not have an exciting background story at all. I saw the skirt (Model 122) in Burda Style magazine for August 2014 and I really liked the technical drawing. 822153bcfd7684de6 I didn't like the model picture at all to be honest... It must have been the fabric choice and the way that skirt is paired with that shiny shirt... It's just off! I also didn't like how the front of the skirt has these awesome pleats, but the back does not. I prefer my pleated skirts to have pleats all around! To remedy all of that I decided to omit the zipper at the front and go for an exposed zipper in the back,. I cut two front pattern pieces on fold, one for the front and one for the back, which was exactly the same as the front. This way I had my pleats at the back as well! image I used 100% wool suiting from my stash. As you can see I am really trying to use up my stash fabrics here! A few years back I managed to score quite a bit of beautiful thin wool suiting on great sale and I bought enough to last me a while. The wool is a deep forest green color which translates into a fun basic, yet not so basic, solid color. The fabric also has a subtle texture to it and I love fabric with texture! image I always, always line my wool suiting. So this skirt is fully lined with rayon bemberg lining from my stash. The pockets though are made out of green polyester I had that matched the green wool a bit better than the lining. image Exposed zipper was a fun challenge! I find if you interface and stay stitch the fabric where the zipper will be places and go slowly, the exposed zipper is not hard or scary at all. Megan Nielsen has a great tutorial on sewing an exposed zipper. I definitely recommend it. image This skirt turned out really nicely. I am very proud of the quality of the construction and the way it looks. Unfortunately for some reason I haven't been wearing it a lot. However, now that it is back on my radar I am very eager to change that and take it out of my closet more often! image Love, Anya
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