Basic Boylston Bra

IMG_0436 After my last attempt to play around with Pin Ups Girls Classic Bra pattern and not reaching the results that I wanted, I needed a quick and satisfying make. I also needed a basic beige bra. I had enough materials leftover from my last attempt at bra making and without thinking too much about it, I decided to make one of my tried and true patterns - Boylston Bra by Orange Lingerie. I swear it is not the only bra pattern that I use. I have also made quite a few Malbourough bras too... which is also a great pattern. IMG_0375 As I've mentioned in my previous post all my materials cape from Bra Makers Supply . I used beige duoplex, matching mirrored beige lace and beige power mesh. I wanted this bra to be as basic as possible. The bra itself is unlined. With duoplex you really don't need to line the bra. Just topstitch the seams and trim the extra fabric. It will look great! I have only lined upper cup lace and the bridge with nude sheer lining. I prefer to line lace just in case it is even slightly itchy on my skin. And the bridge is lined so that the top part is finished nicely. IMG_0435 I ran out of matching beige channeling and I was too impatient to order some extra and wait for it to arrive. The supplies for bra making in Calgary are pretty much non-existent. So I opted out for an off-white colored channeling, which does not quite match but at the same time does not stand out really badly. IMG_0438 Since I've made quite a few of Boylston bras, this one came together really quickly. The pattern is so familiar to me, I barely have to think about the process and can just enjoy it. I am really happy with how this bra turned out! This was exactly what I was looking for the first time around. The bra is also super comfortable. I have already worn it twice this past week and I am very happy with the fit and comfort levels. Now I think I have enough sewing mojo tackle the pattern alterations on the Classic Bra! Love, Anya
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