An Orla Affair

You guys have already heard that July is an Orla Affair month hosted by Rachel from Maker Style, Maddie from Maddie Made This, Allie from Allie J. and yours truly. This post was meant to go up on the first of July, but I was leaving for a vacation and with all the running around I didn't get a chance to get to it prior to going into a no-reception zone. My sincere apologies for it! I promise the rest of my posts this month will be prompt and hopefully full of inspiration and information. I can not say enough good things about Orla Dress. It is a FREE pattern from French Navy and it is absolutely wonderful! The pattern is really well drafted and is amazing as is, or can serve as a great start off point for numerous pattern hacks. I have made Orla a couple times myself and I have been wearing both dresses all the time. A while back the four off us hosts were chatting how wonderful this pattern is and how everyone needs to know about it. As a result a month of Orla Affair idea was born. I think it is a great way to celebrate this fantastic pattern and bring more awareness to it. We have loads of amazing inspiration and tutorials coming your way! I am very excited for all of them. The best part? You can enter your Orla Dress during the month of July into this contest and you will have an opportunity to win great prizes. To find out more about prizes and the rules on how to enter, head on over to Maddie Made This to read up on it. The ladies did a wonderful job of securing the prizes and I can not thank them enough for doing it! Now the fun part, The Schedule! July 1: Introduction posts. Except for mine, mine is late... July 3: Fitting the Orla on allie J. July 5: The Orla Dress Sewalong on Maker Style July 6: Customization Inspiration on MaddieMadeThis July 7: Facing and Pockets - drafting on Anna-Zoe July 8: Sleeveless Orla - pattern modifications on Anna-Zoe July 9: Sleeveless Orla - sewing tips on Anna Zoe July 10: An Eyelet Orla on allie J. July 11: Sleeveless Lined Bodice and Pleats Orla - pattern modifications on Anna Zoe July 12: Sleeveless Lined Bodice and Pleats Orla - sewing tips on Anna-Zoe July 13: Embroidery patterns for the Orla on MaddieMadeThis July 17: A Preppy Orla on allie J. July 18: Shift Orla - pattern modifications and sewing tips on Anna-Zoe July 19: An Orla Hack on Maker Style July 20: Lace Up Front Orla Hack on MaddieMadeThis July 24: A Vintage Orla on allie J. July 28: Shirt Orla - pattern modifications on Anna-Zoe July 29: Shirt Orla - sewing tips on Anna-Zoe July 31: An Orla Roundup on everyone's blogs August 3: The Orla Affair winners announcement Well, here is it. I am all caught up. Now I am off to do last little bit of finishing touches on the few posts that are coming your way in the next few days. Love, Anya
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